Goals and Prayer Requests:
  • For Matt to obtain his Certified Flight Instructor rating before going back to Papua in February.
  • To get Audrey a visa and for us to return to Papua
  • To grow the coffee business so our local friends can have a sustainable income that will provide for them.
  • Get two more helicopters operational
  • For Matt to get his flight check out and become a solo pilot
This year is going to be exciting!  We have a lot in store for us and we are excited you have decided to follow what God is doing in Papua through us.  We love what we do and hope you enjoy following us!  We really appreciate all of you that have helped us get to where we are and for all your love and support!
Thank you for supporting us in Prayer!


  1. Hi Matt and Manda,

    Love the page! I can't wait to see how GOD orchestrates your journey! Love you bunches.


  2. The hardest thing about the R-44 is getting used to the T-bar setup. I don't think it will take more than 10 hours to transition to this. I would do the first 2 hours in the R-22 has these will be the hardest adjustment and the 22 is much cheaper. This lady http://www.aneclecticmind.com/ Owns her own R44 and may work with you on a cheaper price if you were to talk with her about why you need the R44 time. She is in Washington.

    Another option would be the call Hillsboro Aviation just outside of Portland because they have an R22/44 simulator that you can use to get the feel of the R44...I think about $100 an hour.

    Good luck!
    Tony Riley

  3. Thanks for the info Tony! I'll have to look into it

  4. I am interested in chartering a helicopter from Wamena in September - is there anyone you know still operating there. Do you have an email or contact willing to assist me? Tony Palliser tonyp@bigpond.net.au