Saturday, September 14, 2013

Grace Claira Meeuwse

On August 25,2013 at 12:00 am I was abruptly waken to my wife screaming, "My water just broke!"  My blood filled with adrenaline.  This was it, my baby was coming.  I began running around the house like a mad man.  I even ran out to the car and realized I had nothing with me to put into the car!  Amanda called the hospital and was told that she could shower and then we could come in.  Well her contractions were instantly 5 minutes apart so things were going fast.  I finally got control of myself and had the car packed.  We got to the hospital, but there wasn't a room ready yet, so we had to wait.  Finally the room opened up and we were moved in.  By 6:00 am we were holding our little bundle of joy.  I got to cut the chord, and I didn't even pass out!  Grace Claira Meeuwse arrived weighing 7lbs 1oz, measured 18 3/4 of an inch long, and is cute as a button.

She hadn't even been in my arms for more than a minute and I was being changed!  Out of all the names God has for himself like Lord, Jehovah, King of Kings, etc God has chosen one name for us to call Him, "Father"!  It hit me that God chose that name to share with me!  This is a great honor and a great burden.  You see, He shares his name but expects me to be a reflection of Him to my daughter!  And after watching Gracie be born I was able to understand God's love for us a little more!  Gracie came out screaming, dirty, and needy.  But my heart was overwhelmed with love for her that I didn't care about the mess.  I changed her diaper, and I have never done that before in my life.  This reflects God's love because its not at all what we do that makes God love us but rather He loves us at our most dirty  and needy time.  He sent His son Jesus to be a gift of life, to wash our filth away, to change our diapers of sin and to put on a clean diaper of His righteousness that cannot be soiled again.  He died so we can live forever with our Good Dad.  We are all born dirty and un-worthy of love but Grace makes us lovely through Jesus Christ!

I love being a Daddy and pray that I reflect Christ to my family and others!