Friday, May 30, 2014

Cherry Drying

Hello Everyone!

It is almost June and it has been pretty crazy at the Meeuwse home.  May seems to have just vaporized!  I (Matt) have been working diligently to get my Commercial Drivers License in order to drive our fuel truck at work.  I had to get that in order to fly but only had a month to get all my tests done.  We had a family vacation planned in May, so that put it down to just a couple weeks. Praise God I was able to get my CDL with Hazmat endorsement in time to come out here to Pasco, WA for cherry drying!  Thats right cherry drying!  If it rains hard enough, the water will sit in the base of the stem and cause the cherry to crack.  When that happens the farmer cannot sell his cherries, so he hires us to sit around and wait for it to rain.  When it does, we hover over top of the orchard and blow the water off the trees!  I have been here now for about a week and have only seen rain once, but not enough to fly.  Please pray for rain so I can build some hours!  Also, pray for my wife (Amanda) as she is at home with Grace alone.  She is working very hard as a mommy and has felt a bit overwhelmed.  They do get to come stay in the hotel with me in a week or so, which will be nice to have them!  

Love you all,
The Meeuwse's
This day was the closest we got to rain!

The two on the left are ours, and I'm flying the blue one

This is a Bell 206 B3

We have to fit 3 helicopters in this field
so I have to land on this line!