Sunday, May 10, 2015

Where The World is the Meeuwse Family?

That's right.  Traveling across the USA, then the world has commenced.  =)   First we were in Washington for 3 days, now we are in California.  We both have lots of family in CA, and were planning a trip here before we move to Indonesia.  We ended up coming here faster because Grandma on Matt's side has been quite sick.  She is an absolutely wonderful woman. Prayers for her, and for the family are welcome.  =)

Since we are in California we are going to take this opportunity to visit all of our family.  We head to San Diego next to visit Amanda's family.

From there we head to Hawaii to visit Amanda's daddy!  Thanks for living in Hawaii dad! =)  We are looking forward to that visit!

Then we will visit several other places before our official move across the world.    The date we leave the United States is September 1st.  The date we move to Indonesia is September 9th.     

The reason we are all over the place between now and September is because we are waiting for a spot in language school to open up.  It is full at the moment.  =)  Language school is in Indonesia.

So that's where in the world the Meeuwse's are! =)   All over the map at the moment.  =)

And Happy Mothers Day to all you pretty ladies!!!  

My baby and I on Mothers Day!

Love, Amanda, Matt and Gracie.  =)