Thursday, May 12, 2016

We live in Wamena, and here is an update.

Hello friend, good day to you. =) 
Heading off to his FIRST day of work here! 

We have been living in Wamena for one month.  Wow, time goes fast!   Our home is set up, and Matt has started working for Helimission!  This is exciting!  about 12 years of work leading up to this.  This is not an accomplishment we take for granted.  There have been a lot of blood, sweat and tears to get to this point, there has also been a lot of excitement, joy and laughter as well! 

Finally here.  The IDEA of living in Wamena and being settled in is no longer an IDEA.  It is a reality.  It is a little bit of a mind trip sometimes.  =)  
Leaving out our gate for his first day of work!

We like Wamena.  It is different than Sentani, and there are things and people that are dear to us in Sentani that we miss.  But we are happy to be in Wamena, and we feel that this place will make a wonderful home.  We love the people here.  There is a real and rugged feel to this place and one can’t help but fall in love with the people here.   

The weather in Wamena is amazing.  Much cooler than Sentani , which is a breath of fresh air….literally, and there are no dengue or malaria mosquitos here! =) 

I am now riding solo on the motorbike around town.
Matt is still grounded from flying FOR NOW.  The government is not recognizing the waiver from the states for Matt’s colourblindness.  Some days, some moments this is hard…like a punch in the gut.  But, we know this is a piece of cake for our God.  He’s got this, and He has a reason for this.  We are learning….learning to have long term vision, not just look at current circumstances and give up.  There is a bigger picture here that we can’t yet see, and sometimes you have to lay down your dreams and plans and expectations in-front of Jesus and just trust Him.  He knows.  =)  And you know what….we are growing from this.  

Matt goes to work each day now, which is an adjustment for us all.  (he didn’t go to a normal 9-5 job for over a year)  but we are adjusting well.  And it is SO nice to put down some roots and set up “normal” life here.  

Thank you SO much friend for praying for us.  We love your prayers.  

Here is how you can currently pray for us.  

Amanda is homesick.   I never felt the ache of homesick in Sentani, sure I MISSED you all….but never felt that gut wrenching ache.   I feel it now.   I think it is because things are changing at home, and I am feeling like I am being left behind, things won’t be, feel, look the same when I come home again.  

Grace and I about to head out for first ride on motorbike with mom driving.
Joining a team.  We are joining a team here in Wamena.  And there are lots of really great people.  Pray for unity, pray for real life giving friendships.  Pray that we will find our “nitch” 

Pray for the Papuan people here.  The HIV statistics here are unreal,  pray for knowledge for the people, and this nasty virus won’t continue to claim so many.

Pray for the teams of missionaries working to translate the Bible into the mother tongue of tribes here in Papua.  They have a huge job, and most of them live in the tribe with the people.  They are amazing, and need your prayers.

Pray for Matt.  He has an AMAZING attitude about not flying, even though it is really what his heart desires.  Pray that He will continue to be encouraged, and for protection against discouragement.  There is another colourblind pilot here as well, he is in the same boat as Matt at this time.  Pray for him as well!  
Riding the becuk with some new friends!

Pray for protection, for guidance, for encouragement, stamina, courage, truth…..and whatever you feel you should pray for us. 

We love you guys.  

Much love, 

The Meeuwse’s 

IBM's (momma's) selling buah merah (red fruit) at the pasar (local market)

Grace and her kitty.   buds

We went to a lake and there was a group of high school students who invited us to be a part of their bakar (local style BBQ)

photoshoot.  They took LOTS of pictures of us. =) we took a few with them. =) 

The food we ate at their batu. 

It is beautiful here!!! 

Traditional attire.

We have had a few adventures too! =)