Sunday, October 29, 2017

Blood work Results...

Hi friend!

Well, here you are, wanting the news on all that bloodwork that we had done for the high risk part of the pregnancy.

Ready for it?...........  (drumroll please)


It was all good news!  Thank you Jesus!  I was not infected with any of the viruses in question, not one.  So baby girl wasn't either!  My thyroid is normal, all the tests came back with happy news! We also learned she was a good girl and flipped head down (instead of her previous breech position)  This was happy news since she was running out of room to flip!
I think I know the night she flipped.....girl made me sweat and grimace!  But ohh good job girlie!

My heart was so happy to hear all this good news in one short doctor visit!......So, we do a happy dance, we celebrate, and most importantly we thank Jesus, because we asked, and He answered, and we are thankful.
Other good news.....Matt and I think we have (almost) nailed down a name for this sweet little thing! I'm a bit of a commit-a-phobe about it! Haha!!  It's no small task naming a human! ;)  But we are SO close!
We snuck over to Montana between doctors visits this past week!  It was so good to see my mom, grandma, and some family!  It was such a quick trip, but totally worth it.  Here are some pictures!  Enjoy!......and thanks for celebrating our exciting news with us!

We love you!
Amanda  =)
Grammy and Grace having fun bouncing! 
Grace at the pumpkin patch being "super brave"

Thursday, October 19, 2017

High Risk Ultrasound, Gender & Goals!

Hello friends.

If you didn’t already know, we are in America for the purpose of having a BABY! 

As you know we are home a bit earlier than our regularly scheduled home break. (furlough)

This is our plan, take this baby break, and then push back our regularly scheduled furlough and essentially “give back” the time that baby break takes.  We plan to return to Papua the end of January.

That will put us taking a furlough around May 2019.

Things are going well here in the states.  Amanda is 33 weeks pregnant, and feeling pretty good for being in the third trimester. 

Yesterday we had confirmation that our little small fry round two is a GIRL, and we are really excited about it!  How fun for Grace to have a little sister.  The only catch in our giddy-up, we have no girl names picked out! Haha.  Better get on that.

Yesterday we had a high risk ultrasound for baby.  This was ordered due to some exposure to various virus’ and diseases while in Papua, such as TB, Parvo, and others.  The ultrasound looked good! Baby is growing, and there was nothing alarming on the ultrasound.  We got to see little peanut on 3D ultrasound, and man does that girl have some cheeks!  She was pulling out all the stops for us, sticking her tongue out, yawning, and practicing breathing.  So cute! Multiple times the doctor commented that she was a big baby.  HA! Poor mom, but thank you Jesus for everything looking healthy.

The doctor talked over Amanda’s history with her, and decided that he did want additional testing done, to (hopefully) rule out a few things baby could have been exposed to.  He ordered “torch testing”. In a nutshell this is to see if she has had a recent or past infection of any of these diseases, or if any of them sit dormant in her system.  If she has never been infected, baby hasn’t either, if she has been infected recently, then it is possible (not certain) that baby could have been as well.  It will give the doctors a better idea of what to look for and monitor for once baby comes.  But this is a precaution, and we are thankful for a good looking ultrasound, and we trust God with our little girl.
While on baby wait in America we have a few things we are focusing on.  First, Matt is able to help out his brother with aviation mechanic work.  That is nice for him to have some work for his hands to do!
Connecting with our friends and family.  (of course we want to see you!)  We might not be able to travel to see everyone, but we are happy to make plans and either travel to see you, or host you when you come to see us!  We will be staying in our own place sometime around the beginning of November, which will be nice once we have a newborn! 

We are also needing to raise some more monthly support while here in the states. We often have people ask how they can help, this is it!  We have been well taken care of these past two years, and we want to thank you for that!  Every time we see our support list come in we are blown away by how generous and loving you all are.   
As is normal life, some support has dwindled over the last year, ALSO we are adding a new baby to our family, so we are needing to add some additional support on top of that.  So we are believing that God is going to put it on some hearts to support us financially.  This is really His mission, and we trust Him with it, and with the finances that allow us to stay in Papua.   If you are unaware how we are able to keep serving in Papua, we raise our own support, we do not receive a paycheck for being there, we depend entirely off of friends and family’s monthly donations.  These people are a huge part of what God has us doing in Papua.

Some ways that YOU can be a part of what God has us doing in Papua Indonesia:

·       Becoming a monthly supporter, this type of support keeps us on the field,  (can be automatic withdraw or you can manually send it in each month, Helimission makes it easy) 

       If you have any questions about this, please feel free to ask Matt or I.  We check our each day. Or, if you are like me and like to call or text, we will include our American numbers at the bottom of this letter.  Or click this link to learn more.
            Support Matt and Amanda

· Making a one time donation toward all of our baby expenses. (this includes travel expense, healthcare costs, etc.)

·       Committing to being a prayer warrior for us.  If you want to do this, let us know! It makes us feel so loved and cared for to know that you are continually praying for us and for the people of Indonesia.  Prayer is powerful.

Thanks for loving on us friend, thanks for caring, and being a part of what God is doing in Papua.  This place and the people in it are beautiful.  We are thankful and humbled to be a part of God’s work in this part of the world.  And please know, you are always welcome to come visit us while we are in Papua! How cool would it be to see you there! =)

Matt, Amanda, Grace and SmallFry Meeuwse!

Our New American Numbers:

Matt:  425.553.8320
Amanda:  425.588.6092

Growing a little pumpkin =)