Sunday, June 3, 2018

Audrey Goes on a Medivac

Raisin' them right!  Audrey had a fun 6 month birthday present!  Her first flight in a helicopter!

She went with me (mom) on a couple of medical evacuations that we got to follow along on.

The first village we tried to get in was completely closed in by weather.  It was to help a pregnant momma....unfortunatly we couldn't get in that day, but they tried to get her out as soon as weather got better.

The second village had two patients who needed help.  The first was an elderly lady who was very thin, and could not walk without help.  The second was a man who was brought in on a homemade stretcher, and was completely unconscious the entire loading process and flight.

It is so incredibly humbling to be a part of this.

Cutest passenger

We landed in the village, and everyone comes to check out the help while we wait for the patient

Here comes the first patient being helped to the heli

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Took some pictures as we waited for the patients to arrive

Waiving goodbye to their friends and family in their remote village

Loading up their very sick friend 

This picture is emotional.  The look on his face, as he looks at his friend, never knowing if he will see him again. 

The two patients 

Unloading at the hospital

Unloading at the hospital