Goals and Prayer Requests:
  • We need to get a helicopter to Australia early this year for an upgrade and major inspection, but with all the restrictions it is proving very difficult
  • More and more regulations are coming out and it's getting more and more difficult to maintain our licenses here.  Please pray God continues to open the door for us to serve here
  • Our team will be down to 3 expat families and 2 of us are due for a furlough this year.  Please pray for our smaller team to stay energized and to be able to continue to serve the Papuan people even as families take breaks.
  • Sammy, one of our maintenance apprentice will be headed to school for a couple months in order to obtain his helicopter basic license.  This will be a huge accomplishment for him if he passes the test.  Please pray for him as he studies.  Once he gets his basic license we can apply for his type rating and he will be our first local staff to be a signing mechanic!
  • Alberth is a new mechanic to use and is currently under a trial period.  He has great character and already has his airplane and turbine engine basic license.  He has never worked on helicopters, so Matt is spending a lot of time training him.  Please pray he sticks around and feels called to serve with us long term
  • We have 3 local pilots that are in training to fly with us.  Matt has already instructed them over 100 hrs.  Please pray for safety as we train in a difficult area to fly and that they really advance their skills this year.
  • Our international school is very understaffed and is under threat of losing accreditation, please pray that teachers are sent, or that God opens a way for our kids to continue to get education here
This year has many challenges ahead but through every challenge there is excitement of what God will do.  Please continue to pray for us in any way God puts on your heart.  We really appreciate everyone of you that takes time out of your day to lift us up before the throne of God.  God continues to use us out here and we believe this is due to the prayer backing us!
Thank you for supporting us in Prayer!


  1. Hi Matt and Manda,

    Love the page! I can't wait to see how GOD orchestrates your journey! Love you bunches.


  2. The hardest thing about the R-44 is getting used to the T-bar setup. I don't think it will take more than 10 hours to transition to this. I would do the first 2 hours in the R-22 has these will be the hardest adjustment and the 22 is much cheaper. This lady http://www.aneclecticmind.com/ Owns her own R44 and may work with you on a cheaper price if you were to talk with her about why you need the R44 time. She is in Washington.

    Another option would be the call Hillsboro Aviation just outside of Portland because they have an R22/44 simulator that you can use to get the feel of the R44...I think about $100 an hour.

    Good luck!
    Tony Riley

  3. Thanks for the info Tony! I'll have to look into it

  4. I am interested in chartering a helicopter from Wamena in September - is there anyone you know still operating there. Do you have an email or contact willing to assist me? Tony Palliser tonyp@bigpond.net.au