Monday, April 14, 2014

Things keep rolling!

Hey All!

We just got to celebrate Amanda's 28th birthday! Woot Woot!  I pray for many more birthdays with my bride!  It was a weekend celebration. Stephani (Amanda's mom) made Amanda her favorite dinner (chicken ole') and her favorite cake (which we are still munching on)!  We made some S'Mores in the fire place, played games, and watched a movie!  The next afternoon we headed off to the lake for a bon fire and tin foil dinners!  It is amazing how much we had to pack to bring Grace with us, but she loved every minute of it and so did we!  There were hang gliders flying right over our head for a landing, which totally amused Grace.  Our fire was warm, which is good because I (Matt) almost sank my inflatable canoe.  I made it back to shore but my pants were soaking wet, and I didn't even catch a fish! :(  Needless to say it was a fun weekend full of memories and much needed rest!

Meanwhile in Kent, Dad Meeuwse has been working very diligently to build the storage shed for our stuff!  He has been sending us progress photos and thought we should share them with you all as he has gotten it completely finished!  Thank you Dad so much for your hard work!

This past weekend we picked up nine tough box storage containers so we can start going through our stuff and begin filling that nice storage shed!  The containers didn't look all that big inside of Costco, but when we got out to the car we were in for a surprise.  We had nine containers, three adults, and a baby that all had to squeeze into a four door sedan!  None the less, we were determined to get them home!  We had to press the door shut just to get me in the back seat, while Gracie had plenty of room in her plush car seat!  :)  Good news we made it home alive and I recovered pretty quickly!  We are now ready to start deciding what to ship, store or sell!  This is going to be a big project, but I'm sure we will make it fun!

Our little Grace keeps growing!  She is crawling now and getting quite a personality.  She makes us laugh so hard, and sometimes its so hard to get anything done because she is so much fun!  Being a dad is one of my favorite things ever and it melts my heart every time I come home to get a kiss from my wife and a "gummy" smile from my daughter!  

We are so excited for Easter and are praying for many people to be saved and come to know Jesus as their savior!  Pray for the lost, pray for your pastors, pray for boldness to invite, and pray that God does amazing work through this Easter season!  

Love you All,
 The Meeuwse's

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Two Exciting Things....

Okay actually THREE exciting things..... We will always take more exciting things!

1.)  Grace said her first word! It is true.  She said "mama"  We are not sure if she knows what she said....but she said it, over and over very clearly! EXCITING! (Don't worry, daddy wasn't too jealous)

2.)  Concrete has been poured for our storage shed to be built!  Matt's parents have graciously allowed us to store all of our possessions and keepsakes at their place while we are overseas.  Matt's dad (Mike) and grandpa (Albert) worked hard to lay the concrete.  Grandpa was visiting from California and he is a concrete expert, so he instructed dad how to form it up!  Grandpa was very eager and excited to be able to help and dad was thankful for a great supervisor :)  Thank you both for your hard work what a HUGE blessing.  We are really thankful.   This means we are going to begin taking things there as soon as it is finished.....this is getting real folks!

3.)  Since our last newsletter we are funded at 23%!   Thank you for partnering with us!

                                         Much love,
                                            Matt, Amanda and Gracie
Thanks Grandpa for taking the time to help!

 Concrete is down!
Mike is working hard! Thank you dad!