The Mission:
Helimission's aim is to bring social, medical and spiritual help to people in remote and inaccessible areas through the useful tool of a helicopter.  Helimission is non-denominational and helps those in need without consideration of their religious affiliation.

Helimission operates in the following countries: Madagascar, Ethiopia and Indonesia.  They are currently looking into other countries in which to operate.

How the Mission Works:
  • Long Term: 3 helicopter bases: Two in Indonesia (Papua and Sulawesi), and Madagascar
Helicopters are incredibly valuable tool in mission work. Missionaries, doctors, and aid workers are able to reach remote people groups in a fraction of the time with the air support of a helicopter. 

Further, they fly in medical personnel to treat local inhabitants in remote areas.  Many of their flights are to rescue emergency patients and accident victims. 

  • Disaster Relief:  In cooperation with other relief organizations, Helimission provides fast SOS help to populations affected by events such as famines, floods, earthquakes, etc.  Most recent disaster relief project was in the Philippines.
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To keep cost down for those who need the helicopter, Helimission only charges for fuel. Flights in catastrophe operations and for medical emergencies are generally undertaken for free. The real costs of the flights are borne by Helimission

Each pilot/mechanic is paid through support that they recieve from family, friends, and local churches.

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Helimission is air support for missionaries bringing the gospel of Jesus Christ to unreachable people.  Without a helicopter, missionaries would have to walk, sometimes days, through thick, dangerous jungle to arrive at their mission post.  The missionaries would arrive exhausted, sick, or sometimes wouldn't arrive at all.  With a helicopter, the missionaries can arrive in minutes.  There are some people whose only accessibility is by helicopter.  The helicopter is a vital tool for these missionaries as it can bring many supplies quickly, if needed, to places where it would otherwise be impossible.  It is an extremely useful tool, and with it the Good News is reaching the unreachable.  

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