Monday, September 22, 2014

Well, this makes it feel real!

That's right! We had a garage sale last weekend! We are lightening our load and clearing stuff out! Our sale went really well, we sold most everything. 
A few people "over paid" for their items when they found out that we are moving to Indonesia.  That was a blessing.  
It feels good to have this step done, and all this stuff GONE.  

We have a busy BUSY few weeks ahead. Please pray for us as we have lots going on.  This is getting real folks.  We will be in New York for one semester of training at Elim Bible College THIS January. Matt officially quits his job and we will be living off of support. Wow. Big step. God is big enough!

Clearing out!
No, the baby is not for sale. ;) 
Thanks for stopping by! Have a wonderful Monday!
Matt, Amanda & Grace