Friday, November 14, 2014

Flying towards our goals

Every morning at 4:00 am my alarm rings.  I roll over, barely able to see the snooze button that I'm so tempted to hit, and turn it off.  I drag out of bed, take a shower, brush my teeth, and get dressed in all my winter layers.  By now its 4:05.......just joking.......its about 4:45.  I sit down and read my Bible, text my wife grab my lunch and head to the truck.  We hook up the helicopter most mornings and drive it to our new job sight for the day.  We open the trailer, preflight the helicopter just as it is getting light and make sure its safe for another long day of work.  I take the pilot door off and hop in. Run through the checklist and fire up the helicopter.  I spend the rest of the day flying to a guy in the christmas tree field that hooks up a bundle of christmas trees to a hook that is flying 25 feet below my helicopter.  I pick up my load and fly it back to an open area where I drop it off.  This goes on and on all day!  I have been logging about 8 hours of flight time a day and love this kind of work.  Trying to precisely swing a hook that is dangling below me 25 feet right to the hands of the "hooker" is a fun challenge.  
I needed to get 500 hours of flight time for Helimission and before tree season started I was at 360 hours.  That leaves me needing 140 hours by the end of this tree season!  Wow that seemed huge and almost impossible.  But, I am 62% of the way to meeting that goal!  Thats right in just 10 days I have flown 75 hours!  My body totally felt it!  I spend most of the day hanging out the door so I can get a good visual of what my load is doing.  I'm not used to wearing a helmet on my big melon, so have 9 hrs of holding that up, while hanging out the door left me with some very sore muscles.  Also, learning a new type of flying I found my self gripping the controls way to tight, so all my muscles were catty wampus and tense.  Thankfully, I am getting much more relaxed and my pilot muscles are building!

A week ago I put my toolbox on a pallet that I made and officially locked my box.  That was quite a moment.  I was ending a chapter of my life that has been 5 years long.  It is crazy to think that that toolbox will not be there when I get back to the shop at the end of tree season.  It is a good feeling knowing that our goals are being met and that God is leading us into a new chapter of life!

While I've been flying down here in Oregon, Amanda and I both got an email from Elim Bible Institute.  The good news is that we are accepted and will be joining their classes in early January!  It is finally official and very real that these plans are going forward!  We are trusting God to open doors and He is opening them for us!

We also got our October financial support update from Helimission.  We have been praying to be fully funded by Thanksgiving which is only days away now, but we are only 32% of the way to achieving that goal!  We need people like you to send us!  Our plans are coming together and the end of a paycheck for Matt is weeks away.  No matter what, on December 31 Matt will quit his job and trust God to provide for our family as we go where God is calling us!  That time is coming fast, and we begin living off of our support in January!  We still need to raise $2800 a month to reach full support!  That is 280 people giving $10 a month or 112 people giving $25 a month for example!  We need you to take action and join our support team!  Please take the time now to visit our support page!  There are instructions there on how to set up a monthly withdrawal if that is best for you.  That is the easiest way for us to keep track of how we are doing too, but if you would rather give a yearly gift, or send a check monthly those are both fine!  Whatever way you choose, please send your pledged amount to so we can track our progress and create our budget.  We really appreciate those of you that have joined our support team and have given generously and faithfully!

Please continue to pray for us as we have only 4 weeks until we need to be moved out of our duplex.  I'm flying out of town and that leaves Amanda to pack up the home until I can get back to help.  We really appreciate all the friends and family that are stepping in to lend a helping hand while I'm out of town!  We feel very loved!  Please pray for continued safety for Matt as I continue flying!  Also, pray for us to be fully funded!  

As this year ends and closes a chapter on our lives, we look forward to the new adventure God is taking us on!  It's exciting to see these long awaited goals coming to fruition!  This is an exciting season in our lives and it's such an encouragement to be able to share it with you!  

Love you All,
The Meeuwse's

Monday, November 10, 2014

I am loved!

Hello! This last sunday I wrote a adrenaline filled Facebook post promising to write a blog about all about what I experienced.  As I wrote that post I was still shaking and full of adrenaline about what had just happened!  So here it is!  You are welcome! (it's a good one)

Some back story to help you understand how awesome this God story is:   =)

As you probably know, I am in Montana. My best friend of 25+ years got married and I was in the wedding! This is what brought me to Montana.  I decided to stay a few days after the wedding to visit with my mom and a few others.  My plans were to leave via train friday night. But I decided to stay a few extra days.  (I thought it was me, but really it was the Holy Spirit prompting me to stay...He had some cool things He didn't want me to miss)

Fast forward to Sunday morning... Gracie is a crying, screeching mess.  After failed attempts to get her to take a morning nap, and mommy about to pull her hair out I was about to throw the towel in and just watch a sermon online in the comfort of a home and where Gracie's pack n play was nearby.   But while I was trying to tame a frizzy curl..a thought hit me.   I marched my grumpy self out to the living room to ask my mom if she would be willing to stay home from church and watch Grace so I could go to church by myself.  She was more than happy to do so.

I really wanted to visit Canvas Church in Kalispell.  I had grown up in this church as a little girl.  Until recently it had been called Christian Center, but a new lead pastor named Kevin Geer changed things up, renamed it, remodeled it, rebranded it.   The funny thing about this is....Kevin Geer was a guest speaker at the church I went to with my parents after we had moved to Washington.  So I remember him from way back he is the pastor of the church I went to as a little girl in Monana.....  small world huh?... =)

When I got to Canvas church I ended up sitting in the front row....I never sit in the front row.  But today I did. I had no idea what the sermon was going to be on, or the sermon series....I was there to visit and check out the recent changes to the church.....or so I thought.  Jesus had other plans.

The video intro to the sermon started.  The sermon series was called "Project 24 Seven"  The video stated; "As you sleep tonight, someone on the other side of the world is sharing Jesus.  As they sleep are you going to share Jesus with someone?" And then showed the great commission.
 ....if you haven't figured it out yet IT WAS A SERMON SERIES ALL ON MISSIONS!

it gets better

So, Pastor Kevin had some missionaries from Madagascar come on stage (Nate and Tammy Lashway), and the whole service was hearing their story, hearing what God is doing on the other side of the world. Pastor Kevin emphasized the importance of mission work and spreading the good news of Jesus to people all over the world.

Tammy began to tell her story about how God called her to missions.  She felt called as a teenager. But when it came time to actually go she was a bit reluctant....because she was comfortable, she had an established life.  Um....hello?!  That has been me.  I felt like as she was talking she was quoting my story back to me.  I was in awe. Crying, laughing.  People probably thought I was nuts.
Nate and Tammy went on explaining how Madagascar was colonized by Indonesians, and has difficult terrain and remote villages who need Jesus and have never heard of Him.   Goosebumps.  I was literally saying "thank you Jesus, this is for me!"
Nate then told a story about how He went to a village way out in the bush and told the people how they would come back and how his heart was moved for that tribe....and he then attention people......


.................  tears.  I was literally about to jump out of my seat and grab the microphone and tell people what was going on here!   I felt the Holy Spirit all over,  and my heart was racing.

As soon as the sermon came to a close, Kevin, Nate and Tammy left the stage and I jumped up to find them.  I found a "I can help" person and asked them where I could find pastor Kevin.  One person went to find him and while they were gone I completely blabbed this woman's ear off about what had just happened.  HA! I am not sure I even took a breath! Poor lady. haha!

Pastor Kevin came to greet me and took me to where Nate and Tammy were.  I got to talk to them and tell them my story.  They were encouraging and excited by my story.  Service got out just then and people started flooding out.  I left them and was still trembling and in awe.  I went to my car and sat there taking it in.  I could not get ahold of Matt, so I called my mom and shared with her.  I was busting at the seams to tell someone...anyone really. =)

I felt the Holy Spirit tell me to go back in.  Most people had cleared out by now. I asked them if I could take a picture with them. I explained that they may not know it, but I believe they will be a huge part of my story of God's faithfulness and goodness in our move to Indonesia.

They told me that this is worth it.  They told me that it is going to be okay.  That God will be with us and Indonesia will feel like home eventually.  Not to be afraid, and that everything we are sacrificing today will be worth it....that what we are sacrificing to leave here will change lives in Indonesia.

They said they totally understand what it is like to not have all your support raised and be pushing forward.

Nate told me that without Helimission many people would not know about Jesus. That much of his own work would not be possible.  That it is an invaluable tool.  He laughed and said that the Helimission story was not even going to be in his talk initially....again, Jesus had other plans.

I hugged them and left.  I can't really put in words what this meant to me.  I felt so LOVED.  All I can say is THANK YOU JESUS.

Some might think this is a neat coincidence.   But for me, this changed my heart, my life.  Jesus set this up to show me how BIG He is, and how much He CARES. And how He is WITH US in this!

What are the chances!?
I was already suppose to be home in Washington.  I almost didn't go due to Gracie being grumpy.
They just happened to be starting a MISSIONARY sermon series.  They happened to have missionaries there to speak to everyone.  These missionaries just happen to work with HELIMISSION.      
               This was not something that just happened.  This was God...again...speaking to my heart. Encouraging me.

And came at just the right time.  Right before I head home to an empty house to pack it all up.  I have to finish it while Matt is away flying and gaining much needed flight hours.  Right before Matt's job ends and we are taking a leap of faith because we are not fully funded yet.  Right before life gets crazy.  He know! Jesus knows, and He arranged all of that to let me know a few things.

He is with us.
He knows.
He cares.
We are right where He wants us.
We are not alone.

I have never felt the Holy Spirit so much, I have never felt so loved.  
And Jesus doesn't just love me like this...He loves you like this too. Wherever you are in life. Whatever trial you are going through,...cry out to Jesus. It's never too big for Him, you have never gone too far for His mercy and grace. He loves you, He knows you, He is with you too.  We are not alone.

Thank you Jesus.